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Walk 4: Lulworth Cove to Mupe Bay

Poole Harbour Guide is a free independent guide to Poole, Sandbanks, Studland, Swanage, Corfe Castle & Purbeck


This is one of the "Range Walks" and can only be done when the army range is open to the public (weekends and bank holidays). During the week the range is used by the army for tank firing practice so there is always the possibility of unexploded shells in the surrounding fields. Keep to the path at all time. Mountain bikes are not allowed on the range.


All the photos below were taken on the 28 July 2012. Start at the main car park at Lulworth Cove.


Take the track from the car park down to Lulworth Cove beach. About 5m from the beach there is a set of steps on the left-hand side (just before the beach cafe)

Follow the steps up. This is the Coast Path, just follow the stone markers in the direction of the Fossil Forest.

View back of Lulworth Cove beach.




The track winds its way uphill through a shady forest.

Turn sharp right at the gate at the top, following the top of the cliffs.

Head towards the Fossil Forest.




The paths clings to the top of the cliff overlooking Lulworth Cove then steeply descends on the far side of the cove.

An easier route would be just to walk along the beach to the far side. There are steps leading up to the Fossil Forest.

These are the gates at the entry to the Firing Range - open only at weekends and bank holidays. Pass through them and follow the path.




Useful map of the Range walks

Straight on to Mupe Bay or turn right to see the Fossil Forest.





Follow the path down towards the gate leading into the Fossil Forest.

Information about the Fossil Forest.

Steps leading down to the Fossil Forest










Go back up the steps and just follow the path along the cliffs in the direction of Mupe Bay.

This is the small bay just before Mupe Bay.

First view of Mupe Bay. The next bay along from Mupe Bay is Wobarrow Bay which can be seen in the distance.




There are several alternative trails back to Lulworth. You can go back the way you came and then back along Lulworth Cove beach (easiest & quickest)

You can follow the sign to Radar Hill which is a gently climb up and then back to Lulworth (medium).

Or you can follow the steep Coast Path up to the top of Bindon Hill. This is a fairly difficult climb but you get some great views. This is the path that I followed.




View back on Mupe Bay.

At the top of the hill you can turn left, following the signs to Radar Hill. If you turned right you would be following the Coast path towards Wobarrow bay.

The path turns into a small track.




The radar station on Radar Hill.

The path drops down towards Lulworth. You can see the car Park where you started and the path leading up to Durdle Door (walk 2)

The path descends back to Lulworth Cove.





Lulworth Cove beach

Sailing boats in Lulworth Cove








Panoramic Photos

Click on the photos to enlarge. In order to view the full high resolution images you might have to click on the enlarged image one more time. These are quite large file sizes but I hope that you think the added details is worth the wait.

View of Lulworth Cove (3471px x 1080px, 558Kb)


Lulworth Cove from the far side (3843px x 1080px, 587Kb)


Mupe Bay (2344px x 1080px, 336Kb)


Mupe Bay with Mupe Rocks to the right (3564px x 1080px, 586Kb)


View from the top of Bindon Hill with Mupe Bay to the left and Lulworth Cove to the far right (4848px x 1080px, 597Kb)





The following photos were taken along the walk of various flowers and insects. I'm no expert on the names so I've only added the ones that I am fairly confident of. If you are an expert and you know the names of the others just email me or message me on Facebook, thanks




Field Scabious

Kidney Vetch

Dandelion/hawkbit (or related)




Wild carrot. Flowers are domed and often pink at first.

Greater Knapweed

Lulworth Skipper butterfly - as its name suggest this can only be found in this part of Dorset/UK




Common green grasshopper

Five-spot Burnet

Sea Bindweed




Pyramidal orchid

Pyramidal orchid

Marbled White butterflies enjoying the sun




Gatekeeper butterfly (also known as the Hedge Brown). Can be found on the brambles along the walk.

Gatekeeper butterfly

Carline Thistle - prickly golden brown flowers




Carline Thistle

Dark Green Fritillary feeding on knapweed

Dark Green Fritillary feeding on knapweed




Common Centaury

Common Ragwort

Some type of dandelion/hawkweed - they all look the same to me




Snail on knapweed

Marbled White

Marbled White




Dark Green Fritillary feeding on knapweed

Dark Green Fritillary feeding on knapweed

Red Clover






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